Many municipalities lack the necessary resources and cannabis industry experience to conduct their own research on the complexities of cannabis regulation. Saku Cannabis’ team of experts work with municipal bodies to assist in educating community leadership. We provide research materials, expert opinions and other key pieces of compelling data detailing the beneficial impact cannabis regulation can have in California communities. Benefits, such as increased tax revenue and job creation, add new lifeblood to business communities. By embracing governing bodies, we create collaboration and healthier communities.

In addition, Saku has developed our Be Socially Conscious Program to promote events throughout the year that benefit local charities and community efforts. Employees and their families are encouraged to volunteer their time to a local charity of their choice, and Saku will provide time reimbursement. Our sponsorships will include concerts in the park, art walks and similar events to build community esteem and appreciation. Saku-sponsored donation drives will also help local charities raise cash and awareness for their cause. By sponsoring and supporting positive impact efforts in our communities, we will elevate Saku’s community standing, which is something our customers can identify with.

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