Curious About Cannabis? You’re Not Alone

Cannabis is growing in popularity within every demographic. Everyone from lavish lifestyle trend-setters, progressive retirees, sophisticated tech-savvy executives to pink-haired Comic-Con enthusiasts and upscale moms have expressed an interest in cannabis. A market analysis completed by BDS Analytics found that 38% of Californians over the age of 21 are cannabis “acceptors” who have expressed an interest in trying cannabis in the near future. Another 23% are cannabis consumers. That means 61% of nearly 26,000,000 Californians are interested in cannabis.

No industry since the inception of the Internet has enjoyed this much potential. Our work is to develop a company and brand culture which opens the doors to that 61% of Californians over the age of 21.

Why They Buy

More than a third of all consumers cite “quality of life purposes” as their main reason for consuming cannabis. These include sleep aids, pain and stress relief, relaxation, feeling peaceful and managing anxiety. Another large segment of consumers turn to cannabis as a social lubricant, while yet another group seeks medical relief. At Saku, our stores, products and brands have been developed to cater to the categories of Curious (low-intensity, easy-to-use products), Adventurous (mid-level intensity, more varied product selection), Passionate (potent-intensity, products for knowledgeable consumers) and Relief (medical and wellness products).

How They Buy

According to Linda Gilbert, Managing Director of the Consumer Research Division at BDS Analytics, “Shoppers are seeking information-intensive environments with face-to-face help to choose ‘what is right for me.’” When asked, 75% of dispensary shoppers say they choose their dispensaries based on trust.

Diversity Is the Answer

With 75% of shoppers choosing their dispensary based on trust, it begs the question: how is trust established? It is important to understand that word “trust” is actually attributed to the “competence” of a dispensary and its Budtenders’ ability to ensure the customer expectations are met. In highly consultative environments, customers want to discuss their needs with people they can relate to. By employing people with widely diverse backgrounds we ensure that our customers who just want to have fun can discuss their desires with our 21-year-old part-time Budtender who attends the local university, and our 43-year-old Budtender, with a background in healthcare, can assist those customers looking for pain relief products.

Saku Cannabis

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