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Marc S. Connors

Advisor - Sales & Technology

Marc has 25 years of management and sales experience in the technology industry. From the early days with companies such as Lucent Technologies and Cisco Systems, he has had several industry firsts as a pioneer in what has become one of the largest industries in the world. Marc excels at collaborative problem solving, working some of the most intelligent and gifted minds in the industry to create innovative solutions. The results were new company products and record-setting sales revenue. Throughout his career, his dedication and creativity earned the trust of companies such as Apple, Facebook, Oracle, Amazon, AT&T, Verizon and Microsoft. Marc’s comprehensive business strategy, strong team leadership and sales data analytics have yielded top levels of customer satisfaction, profitable margins, high-rates of sales closure and consistent follow-on business. His knowledge and experience as a cannabis industry investor are beneficial to developing penetrating sales and marketing strategies. The unique energy and intensity of cannabis business opportunities are very similar to what motivated him during his successful sales career in cutting edge technology, e.g. dynamic new product markets with high rewards.

Saku Cannabis

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