Saku Cannabis Inc. is created to embrace the steady progression of the cannabis industry and its blossoming new culture. Our brand will reflect a posh California cannabis lifestyle: luxurious cannabis boutiques refined by technology to create efficient, yet immersive, retail experiences in twenty-five locations throughout California.

The multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry is no longer defined by the “stoner culture” and the limitations of the prohibition era. Cannabis is growing in popularity with every demographic. No industry since the inception of the Internet has enjoyed this much potential. We hope one day to watch Saku commercials during the Superbowl. For now, Saku Cannabis will build a brand through innovative advertising mediums to embrace the culture of the current moment, while maintaining our own unique identity and vision. The new era of cannabis is yet to be defined. Saku will create, curate, and sell the highest quality cannabis products and initiate lifestyle movements to shape the future.

Saku Cannabis

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