In-Store Experience

Purchasing at Saku Cannabis Is Different

The Saku Cannabis team works with each other to create a pleasurable Saku Cannabis experience for all of our customers. These are not happy accidents. Behind the scenes, there are hours of training, a rewarding and challenging work environment and a company culture curated over a thousand small decisions that will result in happy employees who create these same experiences for our customers.

Curating a relevant and in-demand inventory is paramount to gaining the trust and loyalty of our customers. Saku believes our Budtenders are a vital link between the brands we represent and our consumers. Every farm and manufacturer has that special something that makes their products unique. These qualities can’t be communicated in a sentence on the back of a package. It needs to be explained. We highly encourage cannabis brands to engage with and educate our Inventory Managers and Budtenders on a continual basis. The more we know about their products, the better knowledge we can share with our customers. Saku supports this process by coordinating lunch-and-learns, farm and facility tours and product demonstrations. These firsthand experiences with the brands enable the Budtenders to share the story of the brand experience with the customer. Similar to a great winery, consumers can come to our dispensaries and spend time getting to know our product line and experience for themselves what sets the brands apart. At Saku, we believe that investing time toward educating ourselves about the brands we represent helps our team to create memorable retail experiences for each of our customers.

Our goal in designing the Saku Cannabis retail concept was to emulate the spirit of innovation while immersing the customer in an inviting and upscale, yet consultative environment.

Saku Cannabis

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