Our Brand and Products

Our Brand

Saku Cannabis is a sustainable brand focused on long-term growth and quality products. We will never sacrifice quality for rapid scale, and our commitment to focused marketing and consumer education ensures that all customers—from expert to curious—have access to an elevated lifestyle.


Our Chef and Master Chocolatier along with our veteran extraction artists, marry classic methodology to contemporary concepts and product progression. Our team has experience with a wide variety of product trends from hash to live resin. This knowledge has honed their skills and, along with sophisticated technology, we are propelled toward new and dynamic production methods. The results are small-batch quality with mass-production efficiency. 


Our gourmet edibles line consists of the highest quality ingredients and offers the most pleasurable method of cannabis consumption. Available in 3mg, 5mg, and 10mg doses.

Macarons: Crispy crusts and jammy centers will melt in your mouth. They are created in a rainbow of flavors and intensities and in various strain types to please each appreciative customer.

Pâte de fruit: Why create problematic cannabis gummies when we can offer a more unique and flavorful pâte de fruit instead? These upscale fruit reductions are enhanced with cannabis to bring new excitement to upscale social gatherings.

Bon Bons: Our chocolate bonbons are created by our Master Chocolatier. Refined by classic Parisian techniques and inspired by modern culinary pairings, SAKU bonbons will speak directly to your soul. 

Additional Product Lines

Tincture Blends: Wellness cannabis tinctures enhanced with essential oils.

Vape Cartridges: Extra Virgin Cannabis Oil blended with CBD to create a variety of micro- and macro-dosing experiences.

Live Resin Extractions: Cannabis concentrates for the refined consumer.

Saku Cannabis

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